Thursday, August 13



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Saturday, April 18

  A New Blog

Lauren has started a new blog. (Damn you Facebook and your third person status messages!)

Anyway, it is more about my life, rather than knitting. I am keeping this blog live because if I get around to knitting again, I'd love to post about it. Though the truth is I haven't knit a stitch since February. I've gone through these phases before and I'm sure I'll get back to it. Until then...

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Thursday, March 5

  Facebook Land

Lauren only knows how to talk in Facebook status message mode now.

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Friday, January 25

  Self Proclaimed Blogger of The Year

So it has now been just under 4 months since the last entry... quite an improvement, if I do say so myself. Possibly even deserving of the "Yay, you blogged!" award, if there is one. Though I must admit that posting while drinking my third glass of wine, might not be the best idea. I am one glass short of the giggle phase.

I am considering changing this blog around a bit. Calling it JavaGirl Knits, just doesn't seem to fit anymore. I still knit, but seriously? I JUST finished a simple, lacey wrap that I started in February. Pictures are sure to follow. Would you really want to hear all about the "progress" I was making when it took me 10 months to knit 60(ish) inches? There were times when even I got sick of thinking about it, let alone knitting it or talking about it. I'm pretty sure there was a period of time when it mocked me from behind the chair in the living room, where it was safely nestled in it's knitting bag. How else would you explain 17 stitches mysteriously falling off the needle and laddering down a few rows while it remained untouched and out of childrens' reach??? So I finally bound it off at 11:59 p.m. on December 31st. I was determined to finish that thing in 2007 and I got it done! Then, on January 1, 2008 I cast this on- my very first sweater! MAYBE that will be done by 200-freaking- 9.

Anyway, this blog may become just JavaGirl or something more interesting than that... my friend and I are actually going to be starting a blog together- we even have a name AND the url registered, but we (*cough, Lisa*) need to get our act together. I've mentioned this chick before- remember Lisa, the girl who does not blog? Well, she's going to! I'm going to keep the details and title a secret for now but stay tuned. I'm SURE I will be back to update again before July.

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Sunday, September 30

  Blog Pressure

Hi, all 3 people who still check my blog! I admire your devotion; tis an admirable quality. Considering I bailed on my own blog for 1 day short of 7 months, it is safe to say that is a quality I lack. So... I think I might be partially back. I won't make any promises but I have missed writing here at Chateau JavaGirlKnits. I'm also feeling some pressure to blog again because I am on Ravelry now, and this pitiful, entry-less blog is attached to my profile.

Wanna play catch up? Steven just started 2nd grade and has become too cool for words. (That would be according to him.) My little J-Man started full day kindergarten and we both had a hard time adjusting. To compensate, I became "Head Homeroom Parent" for his class and am very involved in his classroom. :-) My littlest man, Andrew, turned 1 just 2 weeks ago and is now into EVERYTHING. I also still believe that he is out to get me. I am working 2 part-time jobs for the same company, which is called LissaCole. It is an awesome, home-party based company that allows you to design your own purses, totes and accessories! We know I love purses, right?!? I am now a "Stylist" and I am having a great time at these purse parties. Their website is currently under construction, but my 2nd part time job is writing the content for all of the pages. I just started this, so none of my work has been posted yet but it is much harder than I thought... actually, I should probably be working on that, instead of stalling with this. So, bye!

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Thursday, March 1

  Blogging Break

You know what? I have no desire to blog these days. I'll apologize to the 5 people who still check my blog on a daily basis, (I know who you are!) for leaving you hanging. All is well and I will be back... eventually.

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Saturday, February 10


"My next post (in a day or two) will be pictures and details of each unfinished object." ~JavaGirl on 1/11/07

Uh. Huh.

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