Thursday, March 30

  Socks for Sockotta

Ok, so the ransom note was well received by Theresa, who thankfully, appreciates practical jokes. We made the exchange, socks for Sockotta, at our last official SnB in March. I say official because lately there have been several impromptu gatherings as well as The Yarn Crawlapalooza of 2006 that I am NOT bitter about. Anyway, I'd like to sincerely thank Theresa for being such a good sport and a wonderful friend. (And I hope she appreciates that I put a non-cute picture of myself on my own blog just for her!!!)


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Saturday, March 4

  OBX Obsession

Ok, is it wrong for me to want to live in the Outer Banks, NC JUST because of a yarn shop I fell in love with while on vacation there in September? For some reason, the Knitting Addiction yarn shop is all I can think about. Perhaps it's because I LOVE the beach and this is a yarn shop located just across the street from the beach. Maybe it's because of her ENTIRE section devoted to lace. Or maybe it's because she has a cat that lives in her shop named Purrl (scroll down the staff page to read about her.) How cute is that?!?! But I really think it's because I had no closure when visiting this yarn store. My mom found it on my last day there and while I am very grateful that she did, I think it's a crime that I didn't know about it the first day I was there. Jeanne, the owner, was holding classes each day that week- the same week I was there. The same week that I had ample babysitting resources. She even hosts Stitch N Bitch at her store EVERY Thursday night, yet I didn't find out about it until Friday. I was robbed. But I'm not bitter. Hey, is it unreasonable for me to want to go down to the OBX for a week JUST to go to this yarn store again? How about a yarn crawl, Chesco SnB???

Join me next time for an update on the Ransom yarn- Theresa and I will be your hosts. JavaGirl OUT!

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