Thursday, January 19


That's right, Theresa! I stole your precious Sockotta at SnB tonight and I'm not afraid to use it! Bwa ha ha ha!!!!

Want your yarn back??? Agree to my terms and it can be yours again. First, you will knit a pair of socks for me by February 2nd- they will be a birthday gift for my mom for which I will take full credit. You should probably get started right away- I believe she is a size 7. :-) Second, you will give me weekly lessons in sock knitting until I actually do finish a pair. It could take weeks... months... years even! The point is that I need someone with an unhealthy obsession for knitting socks, like yourself, to keep me motivated throughout the process. That's it... as I said, agree to my terms and it will be safely returned. If you choose not to comply, the yarn gets it- inch by inch.


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Sunday, January 8

  The Puppy Boutique

It started out innocently enough; I had driven by The Puppy Boutique in Downingtown (near Jeffrey's school) several times and assumed it was either a dog supply store or a dog grooming place. However, when I drove by last Wednesday, I saw a sign that says "We Sell Puppies". I decided to stop in with Jeffrey so he could see some puppies and so I could find out if they ever have Cairn Terriers. (One of the FEW breeds Jeff isn't allergic to.) We walked in and there she was. A tiny little female Cairn that I had to have. I asked to see her and it was all over. I called Steve and begged... I bargained... I even offered to give up Starbucks (GASP!). He eventually relented and we brought her home on Thursday. So without further ado, this is Gabbi...


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Tuesday, January 3

  A Holiday Review

So let me start by saying that it has now been three years in a row that someone, either the boys or myself, has been sick for Christmas. Here's what happened the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Younger boy wakes up on Christmas morning with pink eye. Our plans with the neighbors were cancelled. Day after Christmas- both boys had stomach viruses and vomited the day away. That Wednesday, younger boy gets pink eye in the other eye. Friday, younger boy has an ear infection that threatened to rupture his ear drum. Say it with me now, NICE! Other than that, our holiday was lovely. ;-)

At a Stitch N Bitch just before Christmas, I was bummed out because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a baby sitter for New Year's Eve. Each year since having children, Steve and I have slept through the New Year and I'm sick of it damn it! So Nicole took pity on me and decided to have "The Totally Lame New Year's Eve Party". (The totally lame part because none of us could stay until midnight.) It was just for the SnBers, so we all came and brought our knitting and families. How nice it is to now have faces to go with the names we always hear about! All of our husbands enjoyed meeting and conversing- and not just about how much yarn and knitting supplies we all buy or how much time we spend knitting, either! All of our children, 7 in total, enjoyed meeting and playing in Lexie's tricked out basement. My boys are now on strike and refuse to play in their playroom (their brand new playroom in our new finished basement that we gave them for Christmas) until there's a drum set down there. Thanks Nicole's mom! In all seriousness though, it was the BEST New Year's Eve we've had in years. It will certainly be tough to top.

Oh and during the party, I realized that I had committed the ultimate fashion crime. First, let me describe my outfit- a black 3/4 length sweater with sequins sewn in a pattern from the neck to the chest, nice jeans and shoes. Here's where the problem is. The shoes. After sitting down, I went to take my shoes off and (gasp) I had on one brown and one black shoe! The horror!!! There's a story behind this... my younger son, the clepto, had gotten into my contact lens case and lost one of my lenses. I wear disposables but they were my last pair so I ordered new ones but didn't have them for the party. That night, the clepto struck again and took my glasses. I was stumbling around, trying to find my glasses and while doing so, also got my shoes on. Get the picture? Long story short, I was wearing one brown and one black shoe and my glasses... not a good combo for someone who is as into appearances as I am. For pictures, go here.

Happy New Year!!!

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