Friday, November 24

  Thank You SnB!!!!!!

I am such a lucky chick. My friends at Stitch and Bitch held a "Meet Baby Andrew Shower" at Ann's house about two weeks ago. I have VERY generous and talented friends! Andrew and I had a delightful afternoon and we can't thank you all enough. :-)

*Here are some pictures from the shower- sorry I am in them all! And I don't have pictures of all of the gifts yet; I will take some of Andrew wearing and using his gifts as soon as I can.*

**By the way, there are no captions right now because Blogger is pissing me off. BAD Blogger!!!!**


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Friday, November 10

  The Dream

A giant, drive thru Starbucks is being built near our local mall. GIANT. DRIVE THRU. STARBUCKS.

Please excuse me as I gently weep.

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Wednesday, November 8

  Check Me Out!

I have been knitting!!! (She announces triumphantly)

(Bobbles the Sheep)


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