Friday, December 29

  The Sock Fairy

I've recently realized that my friend, Theresa (aka the Sock Fairy), is on a mission; she rescues abused sock yarn. Earlier this year, I held her sock yarn for ransom and she made these. Then, during the throws of first trimester mood swings, I threw a ball of sock yarn (along with the needles) on the floor and yelled at it while flipping it off. She instructed me to "Step away from the yarn" and picked it all up off the floor and took it from me. Some time later, she gave me these.

(Aren't they pretty??? And they feel so nice too!)

So I was wondering... if I also throw THIS on the floor and fip it off, will it magically turn into a pair of socks (size 9, please) that were handmade by the Sock Fairy too?

I'm just curious!

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Thursday, December 21

  Baby Eye Candy

Because I am long overdue for a post and because there has been no knitting in the past month, here is a picture of someone who is keeping me on my toes.


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Wednesday, December 6

  Baby Santa's and Why Andrew Will Need Therapy Someday

I decided to try something different with my little ray of sunshine this morning. At the suggestion of a friend, I put a Baby Einstein DVD on for Andrew. I actually found that another friend (YES, I have more than one friend!) had given me Baby Santa's Music Box. I thought this would be perfect, since the holiday season is now upon us. I set him up in his boppy, inside his bassinet so he could see the TV more easily. I qued up the show and at first, he seemed very.... skeptical. This DVD has whimsical music, shimmering ornaments and happy little children dancing around Christmas trees. I don't know if he enjoyed it, but it seemed to hold his attention, which for a 10 week old baby, is an accomplishment. Then came the tinsel tossing reindeer puppet...

....and he FLIPPED out. I'm pretty sure he needs to be medicated.

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Tuesday, December 5


Sorry, I don't have time to update tonight... I am on my way out to Starbucks and then a PTO meeting. (That's why I NEED the coffee.) I promise, a riveting post will soon follow. Until then, amuse yourself with this.

(Can you see a face in this pile of coffee beans???)


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