Sunday, September 30

  Blog Pressure

Hi, all 3 people who still check my blog! I admire your devotion; tis an admirable quality. Considering I bailed on my own blog for 1 day short of 7 months, it is safe to say that is a quality I lack. So... I think I might be partially back. I won't make any promises but I have missed writing here at Chateau JavaGirlKnits. I'm also feeling some pressure to blog again because I am on Ravelry now, and this pitiful, entry-less blog is attached to my profile.

Wanna play catch up? Steven just started 2nd grade and has become too cool for words. (That would be according to him.) My little J-Man started full day kindergarten and we both had a hard time adjusting. To compensate, I became "Head Homeroom Parent" for his class and am very involved in his classroom. :-) My littlest man, Andrew, turned 1 just 2 weeks ago and is now into EVERYTHING. I also still believe that he is out to get me. I am working 2 part-time jobs for the same company, which is called LissaCole. It is an awesome, home-party based company that allows you to design your own purses, totes and accessories! We know I love purses, right?!? I am now a "Stylist" and I am having a great time at these purse parties. Their website is currently under construction, but my 2nd part time job is writing the content for all of the pages. I just started this, so none of my work has been posted yet but it is much harder than I thought... actually, I should probably be working on that, instead of stalling with this. So, bye!

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