Thursday, January 19


That's right, Theresa! I stole your precious Sockotta at SnB tonight and I'm not afraid to use it! Bwa ha ha ha!!!!

Want your yarn back??? Agree to my terms and it can be yours again. First, you will knit a pair of socks for me by February 2nd- they will be a birthday gift for my mom for which I will take full credit. You should probably get started right away- I believe she is a size 7. :-) Second, you will give me weekly lessons in sock knitting until I actually do finish a pair. It could take weeks... months... years even! The point is that I need someone with an unhealthy obsession for knitting socks, like yourself, to keep me motivated throughout the process. That's it... as I said, agree to my terms and it will be safely returned. If you choose not to comply, the yarn gets it- inch by inch.


9:58 PM

You sneaky sneaky girl! I'm keeping an eye on you....
ROFL - that is brilliant. Cindy you'd better guard your wool - I love those berets.
Lauren- you made me laugh out loud. You sneaky girl. I love your terms though!! LOL
Perfect!! Absolutely perfect!

I'd give in to her demands Theresa--she'll do it. I've seen her scissors. . .
oh that poor little innocent ball of yarn! abducted from it's mommy all in the name of sock knitting. sending it good wishes that it's returned safe and sound soon!!!
You need help sister.
I think this time you've actually gone over the full speed.
It's only socks. For the love of God, give the woman her yarn back.
If I were the girls in your SnB group, I'd keep my yarn close to me at all times.
OK, that's it! There will now be a security check when leaving SnB! No one leaves without a search of their knitting bags, purses, and pockets. I heard you threaten to sneak yarn out of Cindy's house in your bra, but this is too much! I'll be keeping an eye your cup size, missy.

Rosie - Yarn Security Agent
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