Wednesday, July 28

  Good Morning!

I am proud to say that I made it to the gym at 5 both Monday and this morning. It's actually not as bad (so far) as I thought it would be. Stumbling around in the dark while still being half asleep before getting there isn't much fun though. Of course, not being able to find my glasses doesn't help the situation, either. I'm thinking it would be wise to lay out everything the night before while I still have my contacts in, am more alert and can actually see what I'm doing.

Honestly, working out that early is better then I expected it to be. It's actually nice to officially start my day knowing that it's behind me. It's also quite nice to come home and have the house to myself. Steve is in the shower, the boys are still asleep and I actually get to sit down and eat breakfast by myself!

My neighbor, Maria, will be away on Friday, so we'll see if I am disciplined enough to go on my own. The whole reason we go together is because individually, we'd each keep hitting the snooze button until our children (she also has 2 young ones) roar in to drag us out of bed. I suppose Friday will be a true test of how committed I am to making this a regular routine.

So far, this week hasn't been too eventful. The thing that stands out the most over the last two days is that (much to my dismay) my boys seem to be doing away with the whole nap thing. Don't get me wrong, they are still in their rooms for mandatory quiet time, but they just don't understand (or accept) the concept of actually being quiet. Unfortunately for me, both days have been nap and quiet free. Of course they have a great time in their rooms, yelling and laughing back and forth with each other... however, this is a battle I'm not ready to lose yet. I will prevail!

And with that, my hungry children have just woken up and are anxiously waiting to be fed.



6:41 AM

Yeah, Lauren! That's great that you've been able to work out two days so far. Keep it up!

I'm positive that having a workout buddy is the best way to get into the habit. I agree with the morning thing, it sucks waking up but then you feel so great afterwards. I got off the habit though - so hard to get back. Don't lose your momentum!
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