Sunday, July 25

  Movies, Late Nights and Early Mornings

I did it! I went to the movies and it wasn't rated G!!!

We have a pretty cool thing going with our neighbors, called free babysitting. We try to be regular about it, but with how busy we've been lately it hasn't been possible. Anyway, yesterday it was our turn so Steve and I decided to go to the movies. We saw Spiderman 2 and it ROCKED. It was so, so good. It had romance, comedy, special effects and was full of action, from beginning to end. I want to go see it again! I know as a girl, I'm not supposed to like action movies but I LOVE them. Some of my favorites are The Die Hard Triology, The Jackal, The Fifth Element and Armageddon. Wow, I just realized two things about the movies I just mentioned. They're all more then 5 years old, and Bruce Willis stars in each one. He is pretty yummy, but I'll save him and my other favorite hot celebrity men for another post. ;-)

Tomorrow, I am beginning my quest for fitness (again). My neighbor Maria and I are headed to the gym for 5 am. Eeeshk! That sounds SO early. Does that ungodly hour REALLY exist? I have no idea how I'm going to do it. The logical side of me is telling me to go to bed early, but the night owl in me is appalled by the suggestion. I love, love, LOVE staying up late. I think my natural clock would have me in bed at 2 am and keep me there until about 10 or 11. Now, if someone could tell my boys that, we'd be good to go.

I have to go now, it is almost 4 in the afternoon and I should probably get to bed so I can wake up in time to go to the gym tomorrow. Ha ha ha!



3:54 PM

Hi Lauren! It was great to meet you the other night-- looking forward to seeing you again at another knitting event. I'll keep you posted!
Glad you got out to the movies! Did you make it to the gym? I cannot imagine doing anything at 5 AM. :)

Hi Susan! I did make it to the gym at 5am yesterday, which is why I still haven't posted a blog. I don't have the energy to type! LOL. The scary thing is, this whole going to the gym early thing is a long term commitment. My neighbor and I decided to do this M-W-F every week indefinitely. SO that means a 4:30 wake up call for tomorrow as well. Honestly, it's the only time I can go- if I put it off for any other time of the day it just doesn't happen. We'll see how long it really lasts! And now, I need a nap. I'll TTYS!
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