Saturday, January 22


Let it snow, let it snow, LET IT SNOW! But only this weekend. I normally don't like the cold or snow; I am definitely a spring and summer girl. I love being outside everyday from right after breakfast until well after dinner, when the sun goes down. This bitter cold and snow thing doesn't usually work for me, but I love the idea of being snowed in with Steve and the boys for the weekend. I just hope the Eagles can still play tomorrow!

I've decided to get a part time job to help contribute to our family's income. We don't necessarily need the extra income, but I though it would be nice to use what I make to help with my college education as well as save for the boys'. I applied last night to the Barnes and Noble in Exton. My friend Kim works there and loves it because it's a job that she doesn't have to worry about when she leaves for the day and she never gets bored. So I filled out an application and gave it to Kim, who is giving it to her manager. I'd really like to work there because I love Barnes and Noble and because their hours offer me more times that I can be available to work.

Speaking of Barnes and Noble, they are starting a Scrabble night on Tuesday, January 25th. I am so excited! When I was a kid, I LOVED playing Scrabble, but no one would ever play it with me. Even now, Steve thinks I'm such a nerd to be going to Scrabble night. Oh well, Steve-o, I'll play with people who want to play with me. So there. :-P Anyway, the guy I spoke to at Barnes and Noble said that he's expecting a large group based on how many people have been asking him about it. I think it's a great way to meet new people. I hope it's fun!

Speaking of games, I found a new game to play online with other people. It's called isketch and it's like pictionary online. I have been playing it over the last few days and have been really enjoying it. I think Pictionary was another one of my favorites that I couldn't get no one liked to play with me. :-( I'm beginning to wonder if I was neglected as a child!

As far as knitting goes, I never did finish the scarf for Maria. I threw my neck out on Thursday when I was getting Jeffrey into his car seat. I felt a twinge and then a pop and then PAIN. I've had kinks in my neck before, but this is way worse than that. And now, it's in my neck and shoulders and is giving me migraine headaches. I went to my massage therapist, have been taking my muscle relaxers, advil, tylenol and heating my neck and shoulder and nothing is working. My next step is to try celebrex for the next two days. If that doesn't work, I'm going to have to see my doctor because this is ridiculous. Anyway, I told Maria that I have a gift just for her, but that it's not quite ready yet. I really hope she likes it; she is one of the only people that I've not knitted something for yet. I bought the yarn at Noble Knits. I don't know what brand it is because it didn't have a name I could understand (it's made in Italy). It's light blue which is her favorite color with silver accents in it. I was actually looking at it and even had it in my hand when Stitch~n~Bitch took me to Noble Knits on a field trip a few months ago. I went back a few weeks later to buy it because I liked it so much.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend in the snow!

GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:57 AM

The Eagles won! My husband's side of the family is ecstatic. I'm not a big football fan myself (I'm all about baseball and hockey - and both my allegiances there go to NY) but it's real nice to see the Eagles fans get some happiness thrown their way.

Barnes and Noble sounds great! I hope you get the job - we'll come visit you!
As a (south) Jersey girl for most of my life, I am expected to live up to certain standards. I must either be a Springstein or Bon Jovi fan (Bon Jovi all the way!) and I must root for the Philly teams. I have to say that in the past that has been very difficult because the Philles, Flyers and Eagles haven't been the easiest teams to cheer for. But today, I am proud to be a Philly fan!

Hopefully, if I do get the job, I won't have to work on Stitch-n-Bitch nights!
Wasn't it a fantastic weekend?! I want another just like it in a couple weeks. Keep us posted on the job at B&N!
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