Saturday, February 19


The sickies are still at our house and I leave for Cancun in 4 days. That's 3 full days for me to get these children healthy so Steve and I can feel comfortable enough to leave.

As the trip gets closer, everyone has been asking me if I'm excited about getting a vacation alone with my husband... the feelings are very mixed. A) At this point, I am just hoping the boys will be well enough for me to go. B) It has been so long since Steve and I have been away together (our honeymoon) that the very idea of taking a vacation with him boggles my mind. C) As a chronic worrier, I am now starting to have morbid thoughts about our trip. What if the plane goes down and our children become orphans? Are we being selfish by taking a 5 day vacation and in turn, taking the risk of abandoning our boys for life? Of course "C" is not very logical, but still I can't keep these thoughts from running through my head.

On the knitting front, I whipped up a cute little skinny scarf to go with my black v-neck sweater. I used yarn that is purple/pink/blue with black eyelash. Now I am working on making a wrap to go with two dresses that I will be wearing to formal dinners in Cancun. It is taking a long time, as I am using Bernat Boucle` in black, black Flutter and black Brilliant for some shimmer. I cast on 52 stitches and am about rows in. I hope I can knit on the plane because it's a 4 1/2 hour flight and I could REALLY make some prgress in that time. Why am I such a slow knitter? Is it because I knit the Continental or European way? Anyway, Cindy tagged me with a TiVo meme: (Thanks Cindy, this was my first tag!!!)

How much space is left on your TiVo?
Which TiVo, the one in our family room or our bedroom? Both are pretty full right now though!

Have you bought a DVD of a TV series and if so, which one?
I am currently collecting DVDs of Friends; right now I have seasons 1- 6. We are also starting to collect 24 and intend to start buying the Seinfeld series. My husband also collects the X-Files on DVD.

What was the last TV show you watched before reading this message?
The last show I saw before reading this message was LOST that was TiVo'ed from this past Wednesday.

List 5 Shows you won't miss:
Hmmm... 24, The Bachelorette, Gilmore Girls, American Idol, NYPD Blue, LOST, Survivor, The Apprentice and ER. Ok, that was more than 5, but I couldn't help it!

Three people to send this to:
How sad is this? The only people I know of who blog AND have a TiVo have already been tagged. Therefore, I give Cindy, Nicole, Kate or Susan permission to tag three people for me.

6:15 PM