Monday, March 7


My first attempt at stockinette.

I've taken the first step. I've learned how to purl thanks to the AWESOME videos at I have been practicing it for about a half hour now; it's a bit awkward, but so was knitting when I first began. I'm sure if I keep working on it it will feel more natural over time. I'm not making anything yet, I'm just practicing with some scrap yarn that I hate. Unfortunately, I didn't remember that I hated it until I picked it up and started working with it again. Now I know why there was almost a whole ball of it in the scrap yarn pile! I can't even remember what it's called, but all I know is that it's VERY tight and it easily shreds/seperates. Anyway, I have been practicing the purl stitch by doing stockinette- it's so cute! I love the little v's it makes! Small steps people... small steps.

5:22 PM

It always feels awkward at first, but your hands will get more comfortable with it as you go. I think using a smoother yarn will make it easier, too (yarns that split make it so hard to get comfortable). It does look like you may be twisting your stitches (tho' it's hard to tell with the yarn). You may want to double check which way you are wraping the yarn around the needle. Great job! Once you get comfortable with purling, nothing will stop you!
I agree with Cindy. It looks like some of your stitches are twisted, otherwise, it looks like you did a great job with that challenging yarn.

Better to get it straight now, so you don't start knitting "backwards", just ask Nicole.

Keep it up and if you need some "hands on" help, let us know. I'm sure one of us can meet you for a quick knit.
My friend Lisa said the same thing... now that I look at it, it does look like some of the stitches are twisted. I think I will try using bigger needles and a thicker/stretchier yarn so I can more easily see what I'm doing. Back to the drawing board to take another look at those continental videos!
Yep I'm the queen of twisted stitches - your twisted sister so to speak. :)

I can help you though in plain speak to remember how not to twist... I'll show you at next SnB.
Go Lauren!!!! You will be speeding along before you know it!
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