Thursday, March 10



It's a day of firsts.... I cast on using the double cast on method for the first time, I knitted the right way for the first time, and I made a stockinette stitch correctly for the first time. Yay me!!!! I'm going to keep practicing for a little while and then I will start my first real project in time for Stitch-n-Bitch on Tuesday. It's the La Chica Poncho from Noble Knits.

Now I must go because the ac adaptor on my laptop broke and the battery is about to run out. LOVELY! I'm not sure how long it will be before I am back online but in looking at the bright side of things, I realize that being unchained to my laptop for a little while will give me more time to knit....... it better only be for a little while. :-/

6:04 PM

You go girl!!!! Woot!
Looks great! It is so exciting!

Hope you have a nice weekend :)

Lolly Lauren
LollyKnitting Around
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