Thursday, March 17


Thank you for all of the great comments about the new look of my blog. I am really pleased with it and highly recommend Amy or Liz over at Quixotic Pixels for your web designing needs. How's that for a shameless plug? ;-)

(This entry will be relatively short because I am sleep deprived and pretty stressed out as a result of Steve's travelling AGAIN.) Ok, so Stitch-n-Bitch was great on Tuesday night. It did me a world of good to be away from the boys for the night and to get a break from the bed time routine. Although there wasn't much stitching getting done... everyone brought a project to frog, including me; though it was not intentional. I brought my La Chica poncho to work on, but after taking a poll, we all decided it was too thick for what I wanted and I ripped it out to start all over again. Thankfully, Rosie and her ball winder helped me organize the ratty mess that my two strands of Esprit had formed. It was actually starting to scare my fellow knitting friends! Anyway, we all agreed that I needed a thinner, flatter yarn to piece with the Esprit to get the desired openess I am looking for in this spring poncho. When I got home, I found that I had a ball of sage green Brilliant by Patons in my stash that looks quite nice with it. And so La Chica was started again yesterday. Sorry for the lack of pictures, but the husband left our digital camera in his car which is at the airport. I will post some once more progress is made and once I have the camera back.

Now I must go place the children into their rooms for some much needed quiet/mommy time... pray for me.

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Hope you can get a little alone time! Take it easy :)
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