Wednesday, March 23


This is a bad mood day. The weather has a tendancy to do this to me. Yesterday there was a glimmer of hope; a taste of spring. It was sunny and 54 degrees and the boys and I took full advantage of that by spending (almost) the whole day outside. Today is rainy, damp, cold, dreary and miserable. We are stuck inside because I have no desire to take them out in this mess- not even to go to Starbucks. Now THAT is pathetic. Rain SUCKS!

Another thing adding to my mood is that there is an extra Stitch-n-Bitch tonight and because Steve is away (AGAIN) and because I don't have a sitter, I can't go. It's the rain's fault. I think I should blame everything annoying me today on the rain. Wait a second... I feel a flashback coming on. Yeah, Milli Vanilli said to "Blame It On the Rain" and I fully intend to do just that!

On the knitting front, I'm about 18 inches into La Chica. At least I am half way done. So I guess my hoping to have it finished by yesterday didn't exactly pan out... but the older boy was sick with a stomach virus on Monday (which I'm sure will be going through the rest of our family in time for Easter) and we were outside all day yesterday, so that's why it was cast aside for two days. I have been trying to work on it today, but the children are going crazy because of being stuck inside and I have (on more than one occasion) been forced to throw it down so as to intervene in the brawls that have been breaking out as a result.

Again I say, rain SUCKS!

3:01 PM

We (my daughter and I) were all set to give last year's tricycle a try today, since yesterday's weather was so lovely (as was yours), but alas! Back down to 30 degrees today. I feel your pain. We're both rarin' to get OUTSIDE.
I've only got one rainy day child to entertain but I feel your pain. One way we survived was having an indoor picnic at lunchtime. I took out the picnic gear and we ate on living room floor. Just an idea!
Will miss you tonight!
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