Tuesday, March 29


*Update* Yeah, still sick. :-(

Anyway, due to the lack of energy as a result of my previously mentioned illness, I have not knitted since Sunday. I did, however, FINALLY manage to felt the Booga bag that my friend Lisa gave me a few months ago. This is what it looked like after two rounds in the washer. Isn't it cute??? It has been drying since Sunday... who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll muster up enough energy to attach the i-cord.

Now, to Lolly- Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday! :-)

4:46 PM

Very cute bag! Can't wait to see it in person! HOpe you feel better soon...
Very cute bag! It looks like the same colors are a yummy caramel macchiato!

Hope you feel better! :)
Lolly- now you're speaking my language!!!
I hope today's beeeeeeeeeuuuuuutiful weather is a spirit lifter for you, Lauren, and that you feel a tad better! Spring illnesses are the pits-hang in there! That Booga bag look great-love those colors!
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