Wednesday, March 9


Yeah.... so it's official. I knit backwards. That is why my stitches are a little twisted. So, Nicole- I am not only your twisted sister, but I am your backwards buddy too! I think we should start a Backward Knitters Anonymous group... since I knit using the Continental method and you knit the English way, we can cover all the bases! The scary question is, are there more of us out there?

So anyway, with my baby's birthday today I haven't had a chance to work on untwisted stitches, unbackwards knitting or purling. However, every free chance I've had today I have been watching the videos over at Knitting Help. I think it's starting to click. What a WONDERFUL website! I wish I had known about it last year when I was first learning how to knit. Perhaps I wouldn't have been so intimidated by the thought of trying new things. Maybe (just maybe) I wouldn't have gotten stuck in the scarf rut. Who knows? The important thing is that now I am working to try new things and branch out. That's what matters, right?

9:49 PM

Just found your blog and I wanted to say hi -- from one Lauren to another! Looking forward to more of your entires :)

**Lolly Lauren
LollyKnitting Around
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