Wednesday, April 20

  Just a quick post...

The boys and I are on the mend; thank you for all of the well wishes. We all still need the nebulizers and Steven is still on antibiotics for his ear infection but I think the end is in sight. At least I hope so!

What a beautiful day! I truly am a spring and summer girl. It is so awesome for the boys and I to be able to go outside without bundling up. Today, they are wearing shorts and golf shirts while I am wearing cropped pants and a sleeveless shirt. LOVE IT!

In my brief absence, I have been thinking about my next knitting project. I think I need a break from the poncho thing. Afterall, I did spend all of that time on La Chica, only to end up frogging it. Here's the thing... I am not normally a summer knitter. I think the idea of knitting something to wear when it's hot out is a bit of a turn off. Myabe I should start knitting things instead... felted bags, coffee cozies... what else? There HAS to be more than that. Any suggestions?

In other news, Steven (the 4 1/2 year old) just learned how to snap his fingers and is feeling quite proud of himself. Here is a picture of the little dude displaying his newly developed ability. (Imagine snapping sound here)

4:28 PM

Awww, I love when kids show off their new skills. Way to go!
Snapping rules!

Hope the allergies aren't keeping you down, Lauren!
Tell the little dude that Aunt Lisa has no ability to snap her fingers!

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