Saturday, April 16

  Temporary Leave of Absence

Nothing on the knitting front to report. Right now my life is consumed with allergy and asthma meds, nebulizers and more for the boys and I. That's right, spring is in full swing in Chester County and it's being taken out on us. Once all of the wheezing and sneezing stops, I will be back to blogging and knitting.

Achoo! :-(

**Update 4/18- Add a double ear infection and antibiotics to that list.**

10:07 PM

Hope you feel better soon!
Maybe you can make a nebulizer cozy. Feel better.
aww... feel better...
Gotta love spring, no? I was sneezing my head off yesterday and realized I had forgotten to take my allergy meds two days in a row-duh. Hope you and the boys will be back on your feet quickly!
feel better soon...nothing worse than when your feeling sick AND your kids are too...take care
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