Sunday, May 15

  Branching out

As many of you know, I have been looking to move beyond fun fur and acrylic garter stitch scarves for quite some time now. I tried making a poncho and frogged it upon completing it. I made a Booga Bag and ruined it by attempting to felt the bag with a funky yarn that, I've come to learn, can only be hand washed in cold water. (I'm chalking that one up as a learning experience- ALWAYS check washing recommendations on yarn label BEFORE attempting to wash or felt it.) And yes, I have officially moved on to "Acceptance", the final stage of grief.

Having said all of that, I am currently working on two new projects; 1) the Branching Out scarf and 2) another Booga Bag using Noro Kureyon color 139. I am very excited to be trying lace knitting! It's a lot of work but I'm hoping it will be very satisfying! When I need a break from that, I am using the Booga Bag for some quick, mindless knitting. I'm especially using that while watching TV- I can not be expected to follow directions when all of the finales to all of my shows are on within the next week! Anyway, I will post a picture of the knitting progress in the next day or two; there's not much to show on either project yet, as I am only a few rows into each one.

I know this is a bit delayed, but I wanted to write about the wonderful Mother's Day I had last week. Steve took the boys out early in the morning so I could sleep in and wake up to a wonderfully quiet house which was AWESOME! He then came home and made me a pancake breakfast with some delicious Kona coffee. Double yum! Then he and the boys gave me cards and a beautiful diamond ring for my right hand. It was such a great day full of wonderful surprises.

Here is a picture of my ring, though it doesn't really do it justice. The flash kept bouncing off the ring and distorted the quality of the picture. It's soooo pretty though! :-)


3:10 PM

Yea, Lauren, 2 new projects & a beautiful ring!!! Looking forward to seeing all of them and you at SnB!
That ring is lovely! I love the unique metal work around the stones. Beautiful!

Can't wait to see your Branching Out--that is a great pattern.

Thanks Susan and Lolly- what a good little husband I have! :-)
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