Saturday, May 7

  I'm Baaaack!

Wow it's been awhile since I've been able to blog! Jeffrey is doing much better now- it has been a long, nerve wracking (almost) 2 weeks and we are hoping he is well on his way to recovery.

I SOOOOO needed a break earlier this week and briefly escaped with Lisa, the girl who does not blog, to New Jersey to visit Knitty Knotty in Westmont. I was anxious to start a new knitting project to occupy my nervous hands. I chose to attempt my first felted project- The Booga bag. I chose 3 skeins of Gallway wool in pink, green and bright blue. That's right people- I am doing stripes for the first time EVER! Lisa showed me what to do and after a few mistakes, such as accidentally knitting the tail of the new ball of yarn I was starting, I did it! I just finished the bottom of the bag and am planning to pick up stitches and begin knitting the rest of the bag tomorrow. I must say, this is alot of firsts for me- first felted project, first time knitting in the round, first time using addi turbos and the first time knitting with wool. I've made a couple of mistakes, some inadvertent yarn overs and things but I take comfort in knowing that it will be felted and NONE of these mistakes will be visible. :-) I do wish, however, that I could remember how I did a couple of those above mentioned yarn overs so I can purposely do them on a future project!!!

I had more I wanted to write about but can't remember as it's late and my eyelids are getting verrrrrry heavy.... here is a quick pic of the bottom of my first felted bag. Did I mention that I did the stripes all by myself?!


12:31 AM

YAY Lauren!! The stripes are beautiful (great colors, too). Felting is such a good way to try new were right, the mistkes don't show. I'm so glad Jeffrey is feeling better.
Looks great! I already can't see any mistakes.
So glad you were able to sneak away for a bit - and REALLY glad things are looking better on the homefront.

Happy Mother's Day times two!
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