Wednesday, June 29

  Crazy Lacey Lauren

Will post a real blog entry as soon as I can- super busy with the oldest boy's birthday, trips to Wildwood, Ocean City and Hershey. Craziness!

However, I will say this... I am knitting lace and I love it! Could it be that I have found my nitch? I am on my 12th repeat (of 27) on the Branching Out scarf- I can't wait to finish it and have a "block" party for it!


2:56 PM

Looks good Champ!
It looks wonderful! I was in Ocean City last week--maybe we saw each other? :)
awesome!!! looks amazing - can't wait to see in person.
Beeeeee-U-T-ful! You should join the summer of lace knit-along! Hope you're coming on Thursday!
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