Wednesday, June 8


Ok, so I think I need a course in time management. I thought once the boys were out of school I'd have more time for my hobbies but I was sadly mistaken. I didn't account for how much time I'd be spending WITH the kids. Silly Mommy! How quickly I had forgotten what life was like before they were in preschool.

Knitting wise, I completed my second booga bag at Stitch-n-Bitch on Thursday. I am halfway through making the i-cord and then will begin felting it. Here is a picture of what it looks like "before" and hopefully I will be able to post an "after" picture by the weekend. :-)


9:10 PM

Lovely Booga Bag! I just love those colors :)

Hope you get a little down time and are able to knit!
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(Whoops...sorry about the deletion!) Anyway, love that Booga! I want to make another one now that I saw you making yours. Hope you guys are having a fun time at the shore!
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