Thursday, July 21

  Blogger Guilt

I have blogger guilt. This whole thing of me posting about once every three to four weeks has gotten old. Actually, I think it passed the point of "old" in June. Now it's just so beyond old, that it's sad. I know I keep saying how busy I am, and as true as it its, even I am sick of saying it. Sometimes I just sit and wonder where the day has gone. I'd love to say that we are off doing wonderful things and taking great day trips or vacations, but that wouldn't be true. We tried to go to Hershey this past weekend, got all the way out there and turned around to drive staright back home because the weather was so awful. About a month ago, the boys and I spent a few days with my friend Arlene and her kids at their beautiful new beach house in Wildwood, NJ. Although the kids and I had a great time, Steve had to be at work, so it wasn't quality "family time". I just think we all need a break. I know I'd LOVE a spa day. (Hint, hint Steve)

Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am? I belong to the best knitting group. Chesco Stitch-n-Bitch is a wonderful escape from reality, involves great conversations, lots of laughing, knitting/ stitching and coffee. Not to mention, the Yarn Crawls. (Whoever thought of this is brilliant!) Every few months we choose a Saturday and go from yarn shop to yarn shop to look for yarn, patterns, supplies, etc. and then we all go to lunch. Our next one is Saturday, the 30th and we are going to 4 yarn stores. I can't wait to see/buy all of that yarn, Bwa ha ha!!! I am so lucky to live in an area that has a SnB. It is because of them, that I am no longer afraid of trying new things like lace, socks or other involved patterns. Thanks for a fun night on Tuesday, ladies and I can't WAIT until next Saturday!

Speaking of lace, I made a huge mistake in my Branching Out scarf. I realized that I am comfortable enough with lace to talk OR watch TV while working on it, but am nowhere near talented enough to do all three at once. I frogged it back to a "wrong side row" and started over, not knowing where in the repeat I was. (A lifeline would have come in very handy here, but I got a little too cocky for my own good and didn't use one.) I decided to throw caution to the wind and just see what happens. Yeah... I now have one big leaf on the left side where there should be two smaller ones and no leaves on the right side, where there should also be two smaller ones. So, I put it away for awhile- I know the reality is that it probably doesn't look as bad as I think it does. Unfortunately, that voice of reason does not exist in the Land of Lauren. Seriously, it is slowly eating away at my mind... I know that I should probably learn to embrace my knitting mistakes and keep going until the project is finished. But the thought of dousing it with gasoline and lighting it on fire is so much more appealing. :-)

1:16 PM

Argh, I hate when that happens when working with lace!!!! I swear I can fix any knitting problem... except lace. Once I mess it up, it's royally messed up! I hope you don't have to pull back the whole scarf!!!
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