Monday, August 29

  Sad Mommy Day

Today was Steven's first day in school and with it came an overwhelming range of emotions. Not for him, he was thrilled! But this mommy was a wreck. At the kindergarten orientation, I cried because they took the kids from us to show them their classrooms and take a bus ride. I was hoping that by crying then, I had gotten it all out of my system. That didn't happen; I cried this morning when the bus came and took my first baby away, I continued to cry the entire way home and for half an hour after that. Our relationship changed forever this morning and I knew it; I am no longer his whole world, even though he will always be mine. Having your child go off to school is so much more than just the next phase, it's the end of an era. Steven has been home with me, everyday, for his entire life and now he's in school 7 hours a day. I am mourning the loss of our time together, our relationship and his sweet innocence. Even though I still have a child that I love dearly home with me, he can't replace my Steven.

9:45 AM

Oh, Lauren, sending a BIG mommy-to-mommy hug for you! How did the first day go for Steven? Hope to see you at SnB this week!
OMG Lauren you're so freaking me out! D-day for pre-school is rapidly approaching and I will likely bawl my eyes out.
Lauren - I still cry when they go back - fifth and third grade! I miss them so much. But, take comfort in the fact that Steven is happy and having fun!
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