Thursday, August 25

  Sock It

I've actually lost count of how many times I started writing an entry for my blog and then forgot all about it. I think I've finally figured out why blogging has been so hard all summer. Not only have the boys been home all summer, but my laptop broke (piece of crap!) and has become a makeshift desk top upstairs in the spare bedroom. Here's the thing. I HATE being stuck in one place. That's why I have a LAP TOP. It's also why we have wireless; so my lap top can go anywhere with me in this house. That's the way lap tops are supposed to be. Can you tell I'm feeling a little bitter about all of this? Paging new subject, new subject, please!

Now I know I'm supposed to talk about the yarn crawl and all of the yarn I scored, but it's been so long since all of that happened, that it seems like old news. I'll just give you the abridged version. We went to 3 yarn shops; Frou Frou, Technicolor Sheep and Wool Gathering. It was a long day; there were many laughs, money was spent and good times were had by all. Next time, I'll be sure to blog about it as soon as it happens so as to do it justice.

Onto socks. To be clear, my first time knitting socks. It has been estimated that each sock is approximately 34,000 stitches, depending on the size of the foot that will be wearing it. Obviously more for a larger size and less for a smaller size. Of course I just had to be tall with big, size 9 feet. Thanks Mom and Dad! So anyway, I have started and restarted this one sock so many times that I have put it in time out. Bad sock! You see, the first time I tried, I did k1 p1 ribbing for 5 rounds and k3 p1 for the rest. When I was almost finished with the leg, I decided that I didn't like the look of the k1 p1 (for whatever reason) and RIPPED IT ALL OUT. Not my smartest move, but I really am that anal. From that point on, every time I messed up, I ripped it out. I finally got myself going again and the yarn broke. Nice. Do you see why it's in time out now? And can someone tell me how a person can do all of this work to knit ONE sock and not bask in the glory of a completed project until you make another one to complete the pair? Will I really be able to motivate myself to start all over again?

8:52 AM

Bad sock indeed! No dessert for it either! Sounds like you need to make an ankle sock and get the first pair behind you quick. ;) Here's a link for you:
Yea for socks... I just jumped right into my second sock after finishing the first one... I couldn't wait to start!

So glad to see you back, other Lauren! ;)
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