Wednesday, October 12

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XM or Sirius? Sirius or XM? I'm taking the plunge and getting satellite radio installed in my car. It's a big step- after all, AM/FM radio was just about the only thing without a monthly service charge these days! Is one better than the other? Everything I found online about XM and Sirius seems pretty divided, so I'm not having much luck. : - /

Steve and the boys and I took a week long vacation with my parents and brother to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. We had such a nice, relaxing time. No school, no work, no meetings, no errands... aaahhhhh! If only we could have enough vacation time to take a week off every month, AND be able to afford a trip away each time, I'd be set.

On my last day of vacation, my mom discovered a YARN SHOP only 5 miles away from where we were staying. When she came back and told me about it, I grabbed my wallet and keys and was out the door in 5 minutes. (I'm sure my fellow knitters can relate to my frenzy.) When I got to Knitting Addiction, I was so excited and overstimulated that I got light headed. Here's why- they had an entire lace section! Have I ever mentioned my love for lace? (I promise that my next post will be all about my first completed lace project- The Branching Out scarf. I'll even include a picture!) Anyway, I bought a book called Lavish Lace that has GORGEOUS lace patterns and 2 lace kits that go with the book. I intend to knit the Seasons of Mists Shawl as well as the Sangria Shawl in my spare time (ha ha). I laugh because a) I have no free time (How long has it been since I last blogged?) and b) I currently have 15 things, that take prioriy, to knit as Christmas gifts. So I'm thinking I should have started at least one of those by now. What can I say? I aim high and I procrastinate. Deadly combination. 877-SOS-KNIT, here I come!

Isn't the yarn I bought pretty?


4:18 PM

Horray, she posted!!!! I know nothing about satellite radio so can't help you there. I need a TiVo for my radio. :) Yout trip to NC sounds very relaxing and fun! You got some purty yarn there, girlie! Enjoy!
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