Friday, June 30

  Can't Sleep... Must Blog

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE to sleep. They also know that I am not a morning person. As a matter of fact, I am so not a morning person that I usually figure out the absolute latest time I need to get up each day and set the alarm clock for five minutes past that time. Then, I hit the snooze button. ALOT. So why am I awake at this ungodly hour??? I have no idea! But I can say that I am very bitter about it. Especially because I didn't fall asleep until well after 1 a.m., was woken up by my oldest at 2:30 ish (nightmare) and woke up for good at 4 a.m. Yeah... I'm thrilled.

So long story short, I figured I'd blog. As has been pointed out to me on more than one occassion, (*cough* Cindy) I'm a little behind on my posts. :-) Let's face it. I am not, nor will I ever likely be a regular poster. I do however, find it ironic that this is a knitting blog and yet I have neglected to post pictures or information about some projects and finished objects. I'll talk about one now. The Branching Out Scarf, was my first attempt at lace, that was completed some time last summer. This was the project that made me fall in love with knitting lace. Actually, I think this is the project that truly made me fall in love with knitting. I started it over many times but I was determined to complete it. Once I got the hang of it, I loved it and was even sad when I finally finished it. This project taught me patience and perserverance (except during the first trimester of pregnancy when I threw a simple project on the floor and gave it the finger. But that's another story for another time.) I learned that it's okay to rip out a new project a few times until I get to know and understand the pattern/technique; that it has nothing to do with my abilities as a knitter, as even experienced knitters do it from time to time. I am also much less intimidated when looking at new patterns for possible projects. (Except for socks, they're off the table but we won't go there either.) Anyway, what I am trying to say is that in many ways, the Branching Out Scarf was a very pivotal project for me. It opened my mind to a world of knitting that initially made me want to stay away from patterns, books and (*gasp*) yarn shops. Thank GOD I have seen the light!!!


5:59 AM

Alert the Media!!! Lauren has Blogged!!!

Love the scarf! Ripping out is part of knitting and you're right: it has nothing to do with your skills. I consider myself an experienced knitter, and I don't think I've had a project that I haven't had to do some frogging. That's why I love knitting: it's very forgiving (unless of course you throw onto the floor and give it the finger. The Knitting Goddess will make you pay for that!)
It's about time you posted a pic of Branching out. What Boobalicious gets no love?
Lauren, I love the Branching Out is just beautiful...Hey, I want to see Bobalicious too!
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