Monday, August 7

  Bad Knitting Karma

This morning I decided to spend some quality time with the Shoalwater Shawl. This pattern takes full concentration because I haven't memorized it yet, there's alot of counting AND it's lace. Since both boys were otherwise occupied, I figured I could get a few rows done. I did manage to accomplish that- never mind that I messed up each row I worked on, including the wrong side/straight knit rows. (To say that's pathetic is an understatement.) Never mind that I spent more time unknitting and reknitting than I did knitting. Did that stop me? No. Like a fool I kept going. And then the shawl begged me to stop the madness and put it down. Seriously, there was a voice inside my head that kept telling me to "Step away from the shawl." (I'm pretty sure this is a good indication that I should be medicated.) Anyway, I finished row 28 and carefully put it away. I think the shawl and I need a cooling off period before I try to work on it again.

I finished the second panel for the Entrelac Satchel on Saturday and blocked it Saturday night. I'm not thrilled with how it blocked though... I used the floor in our spare bedroom to shape it and pin it down. It looked ok, but the next morning when I checked on it, I found that SOMEONE [*cough* Steve] had placed a laundry basket, full of clothes directly on top of the panels. So, they're more flat than I wanted and the bind off rows STILL seem to be more loose/more stretchy than the foundation rows. I must take it to our Yarn Yoda at SnB for her thoughts and advice. If she thinks it's ok, I will begin seaming the panels together by using an attached I-cord. I've heard this seaming method is a pain but because it looks so great, I will suffer through it.

And because I am a glutton for punishment, I am considering casting on one of these projects. Although I'm kind of thinking it would be a bad idea to try either of these today...


1:02 PM

I feel your pain with the flower basket shawl is still a UFO and tucked away until I can face it again. I need to do a lifeline in it next time.

Your satchel looks great to me! What did the Yarn Yoda say?
ooooh that felted purse pattern is adorable!!! cast on... cast on!!!
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