Monday, August 28

  First Grade

Walking Steven to the bus stop...

Waiting at the bus stop....

A picture of Jeff waiting at the bust stop... (so he doesn't feel left out.)

STILL waiting at the bus stop... and looking a little less happy about it...

What I don't have a picture of is Mommy driving Steven to school because the bus never came. When I dropped him off, I was told that they are "almost positive" a bus will be there to pick them up this afternoon. As reassuring as that is, (LOL) I'm still going to call the school at dismissal time JUST to be sure.

**Update at 4:15 p.m.- Something else you don't have a picture of is Steven's VERY pregnant Mommy running to the bus stop because it was 15 minutes early dropping the kids off. Now I KNOW they're just trying to mess with me!**


10:31 AM

Oh disappointing! I wonder what happened! Hope everything works out okay this afternoon. Cute photos!
I hope they are absolutely positive tomorrow! Good luck! Cute little guys...
Your guys look adorable I hope everything truned out okay in the afternoon.
Lauren, you should be so proud of your are one lucky Mommy! Hugs...
Thanks everyone! :-)
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