Wednesday, August 9

  Progress Pic

Here is a picture of the Entrelac Satchel with the seaming (using an attached I-Cord) in progress. Now that I've figured it out, it's moving along pretty well. Thanks to Cindy for all of her help and support yesterday... and I apologize for the 13 angry emails I sent while trying to get this going. I was pretty salty for awhile there!

Today, my SnB friend Susan is coming over for a visit with her boys and tonight is the Shoalwater Shawl KAL at Nicole's house. It's a Stitch~n~Bitch day!

7:29 AM

Your entrelac satchel is coming along, it looks beautiful! I am jealous because my second side is only about half done. Keep up the good work.
actually, I thought you fairly reserved in your emails... even censored... heehee (especially since I know you can swear like a truck driver with tourette's syndrome). Isn't it worth it tho? It looks FAB!!!
it looks great and I'm not even an entrelac fan, but you and Cindy make it look great! Looking forward to tonight.
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