Sunday, August 13

  Vile Weed!

Grape Nuts suck. Ok? They suck. Sorry Post Cereal, but there is no denying this one.

I was watching Oprah's Boot Camp a few weeks ago for some ideas on healthy snacking. Even though I am 35 weeks pregnant, I'd still like some healthy snack options to help me get through the afternoon. (As opposed to the 5 or 6 Double Stuff Oreos with a glass of milk that I usually crave.) Anyway, Oprah had some good ideas but the one that stood out the most was this:

Crunchy Sundae
1/4 cup Post Grape-Nuts Cereal
1/4 cup Post Spoon Size Shredded Wheat
1/2 cup fat-free or 2% reduced fat milk
A few blueberries

*Mix cereals in bowl; top with milk and blueberries. Serve immediately. Makes 1 serving.*

It was a good idea in theory. Think about it for a minute.... two healthy cereals provide an adequate amount of crunch. The shredded wheat is slightly sweetened and then milk with blueberries. It's filling AND it's healthy. Where could could this possibly go wrong??? The Grape Nuts, that's where! No matter how much you coat those things in sugar or Splenda they're wretched! How are they still on the market? And how can Oprah have herself convinced that this "Crunchy Sundae is as good as an ice cream sundae"? I don't know about her ice cream sundaes, but mine usually include chocolate-y, carmell-y, swirl-y goodness... not cardboard consistent cereal.

**Also note- it says to serve immediately. Want to know why? Because if you don't eat it IMMEDIATELY, the Grape Nuts will soak in the milk (in approximately 6.8 seconds) and they become Soggy Mush Nuts. Yeah, cause that's even better.**

9:54 AM

Ewh...a grape-nuts sundae?! I think not! Blech!
Blech is right!
I love this mood!
Only a pregnancy induced stupor could have convinced you that any combination of those things could have been good.
What were you thinking?????
GrapeNuts = cardboard flavored sludge.

Kashi makes a "grape nuts" lookalike ceral that is absolutely delicious. I see my kids snacking on a bowl of it from time to time and they are sugar fiends( usually-- they are growing out of that finally, and talking nutrition) Everyone at my house likes it so much i buy multiple boxes--and each serving has 7gr of fiber too-- filling, nutritious & great for weight loss. Kashi 7 Grain nuggets... and where on earth did they get the name "Grape Nuts" anyway? weird.
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