Sunday, September 3

  The Mural by "Wall Nuts"

How lucky is my new baby??? He isn't even here yet and THIS is his room...

I still can't get over how amazing his room looks. My friends Arlene and Anne Marie are the creators of this masterpiece. All I did was show them the bedding I had chosen for him and they ran with it!

They are in the process of starting a business called "Wall Nuts" that will help parents give their children the room of their dreams. If you live locally (NJ, PA, DE) and would like more information, please contact my girls at Also, check back here regularly for their web address; as soon as the "Wall Nuts" website is up and running, I will post a link.

4:45 PM

Wowza!!! I love it! What a very special room! I bet your boys love it too! Those are some talented friends you have there.

Hope all is well with you! Hugs!!
looks great! What a great room... and I love the fact that it'll "age" well. He's going to love it for years!
AMAZING! What a lucky baby.
What a wonderful room!
Thanks for all of the great comments about the baby's room. :-) He is a very lucky boy!
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