Monday, September 25

  This Is Why...

I don't have time to knit, blog, email, return phone calls, drink coffee, do my hair...'s ALL about the snuggle time.

11:02 AM

To cute!! Enjoy!!
That's a great picture of both of you! You look fab (especially for someone that doesn't have time to do her hair OR drink coffee!!!!
Oh my gosh-- who needs sleep or showers, you guys look fantastic!
Adorable! You both look great.
And those are the best times!! Enjoy them!!!! You look just great!
Lauren, you look wonderful! That is one Lucky Boy! :-)
Oh, Lauren! He's gorgeous!! Have fun with little Andrew.
You both look so beautiful. And look how dark his hair is. He is soooooo perfect Lauren.

You have a beautiful family.

Such a sweet photo!
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