Thursday, October 26

  Things To Remember While At My Wit's End

Despite evidence to the contrary, my baby is NOT out to get me. ;-)

There is always coffee and it can always be spiked. Bwa ha ha!

The people I live with do not have an intense aversion to my knitting and are not INTENTIONALLY keeping me from practicing my craft.

My older children are NOT evil. They are just very.... "spirited".

90210 re-runs are on at 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm on the SOAP channel everyday.

Tassimo just came out with Decaf Latte T-Discs by Gevalia. Now I can drink latte's all day!

Most of all, I need to remember that even on the hardest days, I am so lucky to be a mommy.

8:02 PM

nope, he's not out to get you... yet! Yay Tassimo Decaf!!!
Add "I have friends who have been through this and can help me though with love and laughter."
Let us know if you need a break.
Drop those spirited boys over here for an afternoon - they can play drums till their hearts content and my "spirited" daughter will keep up with them no problem.
More spirited children over here too! lol! Perhaps they're all plotting against us together! ;) We need to plan a park knit-out before it gets too cold and let them all run run run.
Don't believe what they tell you at the hospital...he is out to get you.
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