Wednesday, December 6

  Baby Santa's and Why Andrew Will Need Therapy Someday

I decided to try something different with my little ray of sunshine this morning. At the suggestion of a friend, I put a Baby Einstein DVD on for Andrew. I actually found that another friend (YES, I have more than one friend!) had given me Baby Santa's Music Box. I thought this would be perfect, since the holiday season is now upon us. I set him up in his boppy, inside his bassinet so he could see the TV more easily. I qued up the show and at first, he seemed very.... skeptical. This DVD has whimsical music, shimmering ornaments and happy little children dancing around Christmas trees. I don't know if he enjoyed it, but it seemed to hold his attention, which for a 10 week old baby, is an accomplishment. Then came the tinsel tossing reindeer puppet...

....and he FLIPPED out. I'm pretty sure he needs to be medicated.

11:46 AM

hahaha!!! Beware the tinsel tossing reindeer puppet!
man, I'm flipping out! are too funny! Tinsel Tossing Reindeer..what's next...
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