Sunday, September 5

  It's September and the Craziness has Begun!

I’ve always said that staying home with babies, toddlers and/or preschoolers is incredibly rewarding, but will inevitably turn anyone’s brain into mush. In fact, I think I mentioned it in my first blog. Well, I’m happy to say that with my first class last Monday night and the homework I’ve done since then, my brain is already starting to feel less mushy. I can feel the cobwebs in my mind slowly being cleared away.

This time in school feels very different to me. Back in 1997 when I was a freshman taking my first college course, it was something I had to do and I simply bided my time through each class. (Sorry Mom and Dad, I was young.) This time, there is a hunger inside of me, pushing me to work harder, aim higher and do better. I now see it as a privilege to be there, not just my right. This time, I am going to work my ass off.

I am taking two general education classes- English and Math. My English class is held on Saturday mornings at the Downingtown campus. That class would have normally started yesterday, but because of the holiday weekend, it will begin Saturday, September 11th. My math class is an individualized course at the Media campus that meets Monday nights from 6:00- 9:00pm. It started Monday August 30th, but again, due to the holiday weekend, we do not have class tomorrow. Anyway, because it is an individualized course, you work at your own pace. It’s a different system in that, to begin a chapter you must take a pretest. If you get an 85% or higher, (with permission from the instructor) you can immediately take the post test to test out of that chapter. If you score lower, you get your test back so you can identify and work on the objectives you got wrong and then take the post test. It’s a very interesting and controlled way of doing things. I have been working on my math all week, and am hoping that by the next class on September 13th, I will be ready for my post test for Chapter 3 so I can get started on Chapter 4. In order to get to that point, I have to go in one night this week and take my post test for Chapter 2 and my pretest for Chapter 3. I am pushing myself to get ahead of the guidelines so that when my English class starts, I won’t be so swamped. It’s a lot of work, but it’s rewarding- I got a 94 on my post test for Chapter 1! YAY!

Aside from school news, I am very excited because I got my new family room furniture yesterday!!! I got a sofa, loveseat and two chairs in that new, micro-fiber suede stuff. I love it! Unfortunately, so do my boys and the cat, Jake. Steve and I have spent most of yesterday and today re-training the kids on how to sit NICELY on the new furniture. As far as Jake, I am about to break out the water bottle so as to squirt him away from the new stuff, (he wasn’t allowed on the old furniture either) but I’m afraid I’d “accidentally” use it on the boys! LOL! I will post a picture of it soon, once it’s complete with the cherry coffee table that’s on back order.

And now this is to my fellow Stitch~n~Bitchers- I promise to bring something new to work on at the next session. I fear if I show up again with the same Allie purse I have been working on, I’ll be shunned! I am beginning a poncho for my neighbor Maria, so hopefully I can get it going before we meet again. Thanks for letting me not stitch and just bitch Monday night after my class- it was the perfect end to a busy day.

Quote O’ the Day-
By all these lovely tokens, September days are here, with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.
~Helen Hunt Jackson

7:33 PM

That micro-suede stuff is awesome - all stains come right out. It's the fabric of choice when you have kids!
Lauren, don't worry about working on the same project for so long. I have a pair of socks I started a couple of years ago. Finally got one done, and thought it would be a perfect project for travel knitting. Worked on #2 sock at the Knit-In at the Mannings last year, and all through the Del Val football games, last year. I thought about taking it to the Knit-In this year but was sure my friends would say "Isn't that the sock you were working on LAST year?" Don't think the other football fans will notice. Hopefully I'll have it done before the end of this season.
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