Friday, April 1


I have a confession to make... I have not knitted since Sunday. I know, La Chica should have already been finished and my next project SHOULD be well under way... whatever virus I had this week not only robbed me of my voice and energy, but also took away my will to knit. Just seeing those words written out in this blog entry make me shudder. But seriously, all I have had the energy for is sleeping, shuttling the kids to/from school and laying on the couch to watch all of my favorite shows. Anyway, I'm definitely on the mend but am still feeling kind of drained. I imagine we'll be pretty cooped up over the weekend with all of the rain that's being predicted, so hopefully between that and the sleeping in/napping I'll be doing (hint, hint Steve) I'll be knitting again by Sunday.

I may not have any knitting progress to show, but I do have a story for you; a comical one at that. I let the boys outside for a little while today to play. While I was supervising them, I kept my cell phone with me in case anyone called. Anyway, when it was time to bring the kids inside, Jeffrey threw a HUGE temper tantrum by throwing himself down on the ground and kicking and screaming. Fun! So I put my phone down on the back bumper of my car to pick him up and carry him into the house. Can you see where this is going? Yeah, so later when I had to leave to take the boys to story time, I didn't realize that my phone was still on the bumper. I went all the way to school, the pharmacy, the supermarket and back home without my phone, thinking I left it at the house. So when I got home, I sarted looking for it and when I couldn't find it or hear it ringing anywhere in the house, the garage or outside, I started to put two and two together. I got in the car and began retracing my path; I thought for sure I'd find it near the house, but I actually found it on the road outside of my development! I can't believe it stayed on the bumper for so long! Unfortunately, it had been run over at LEAST one time but for the most part it still worked. It's making some funky sounds, and there are some puncture marks and major scrapes on the back of it and on the battery. Fortunately, I was able to get my phone numbers out of it before I turned it off. Thank goodness I have insurance on it, although this will be my second claim in a year. This is what happens when you spend 95% of your time with children under the age of five. Your brain gets fried... and apparently, so does your cell phone!


10:49 PM

Nice phone Lauren. Funny how it wasn't a cup of coffee, eh? }:-)

Love ya,

You know, you're right... I do take better care of my coffee than I do of my cell phone. That's probably why I'm JavaGirl instead of CellphoneGirl!
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