Saturday, March 4

  OBX Obsession

Ok, is it wrong for me to want to live in the Outer Banks, NC JUST because of a yarn shop I fell in love with while on vacation there in September? For some reason, the Knitting Addiction yarn shop is all I can think about. Perhaps it's because I LOVE the beach and this is a yarn shop located just across the street from the beach. Maybe it's because of her ENTIRE section devoted to lace. Or maybe it's because she has a cat that lives in her shop named Purrl (scroll down the staff page to read about her.) How cute is that?!?! But I really think it's because I had no closure when visiting this yarn store. My mom found it on my last day there and while I am very grateful that she did, I think it's a crime that I didn't know about it the first day I was there. Jeanne, the owner, was holding classes each day that week- the same week I was there. The same week that I had ample babysitting resources. She even hosts Stitch N Bitch at her store EVERY Thursday night, yet I didn't find out about it until Friday. I was robbed. But I'm not bitter. Hey, is it unreasonable for me to want to go down to the OBX for a week JUST to go to this yarn store again? How about a yarn crawl, Chesco SnB???

Join me next time for an update on the Ransom yarn- Theresa and I will be your hosts. JavaGirl OUT!

9:07 AM

wow you updated! Congrats.
This from a girl who doesn't blog... you have no opinion, my friend!!! :-P
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