Thursday, August 31

  The Bus

On Tuesday, the bus came and all was well in the land. No worries, I wasn't emotional this time because we did the full day thing last year for kindergarten, so it was no big deal. (He's the blonde one boarding the bus- why did those other kids have to block my shot??? ;-) )

However, yesterday Steven asked if he could walk to the bus stop himself. I let him, as it is only 3 houses away... of course I stood out on our sidewalk to watch him and found myself moving closer and closer to the bus stop until I was in the neighbor's driveway. Then, the bus came...

and I lost it. I watched as my very big boy got on the bus (by himself) and drove away from me for the entire day. I will say that I recovered much more quickly then I did last year, though!

In the afternoon, I waited for him at the bus stop because I couldn't wait to see him... he was happy enough to see me but as we were walking back, he not-so-delicately asked if he could also walk home from the bus by himself each day. Small steps, boy. Small steps.

***Thanks Cindy!***

9:45 AM

Hugs, Lauren!
Oh my - can't even contemplate that yet!!
Lauren, You are one lucky mommy...Huge Hugs.
Thanks :-)

Why is he in such a hurry to grow up??? :-(
As a Mom of a very BIG kids, it's still hard to let go, but you do. Just take little steps!!
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