Thursday, October 5

  Things That Make Me Happy

In no particular order...

1. Sleep
2. The notes Steven writes to me everyday while he is in school.
(I miss my Mommy, I love my Mommy)
3. Quiet/Alone time with Steve.
4. Coffee.
5. Jeffrey pointing to a tree near his school and telling me, "That tree is growing meatballs!" (Though I THINK it was a fig tree.)
6. More sleep.7. The newborn baby sounds Andrew makes while on my shoulder.
8. Steve making or buying me more coffee. :-)
9. My friends and family.
10. The idea of finishing this sock.

11. All of the wonderful comments everyone left, congratulating us on the birth of Andrew. THANK YOU!
12. Listening to Jeff sing "You are My Sunshine" to Andrew when he was crying. Awww!

2:11 PM

Very sweet....And you think you are not sentimental.....

Awww... :)
Coffee & sleep are in big demand here this week especially. We need to see more baby photos please. Have great weekend, Lauren!
Motherhood sure looks good on you!
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