Friday, December 29

  The Sock Fairy

I've recently realized that my friend, Theresa (aka the Sock Fairy), is on a mission; she rescues abused sock yarn. Earlier this year, I held her sock yarn for ransom and she made these. Then, during the throws of first trimester mood swings, I threw a ball of sock yarn (along with the needles) on the floor and yelled at it while flipping it off. She instructed me to "Step away from the yarn" and picked it all up off the floor and took it from me. Some time later, she gave me these.

(Aren't they pretty??? And they feel so nice too!)

So I was wondering... if I also throw THIS on the floor and fip it off, will it magically turn into a pair of socks (size 9, please) that were handmade by the Sock Fairy too?

I'm just curious!

9:18 PM

Ooo, sock magic happening for sure! All hail, Theresa, Queen of the Sock Fairies!
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