Thursday, October 27

  New Toys for the JavaGirl

Sure I like jewelry, clothes, make up, shoes and EVERYTHING girly. (Hey, with all of the men in this house, I have to find some way to battle the testosterone!) But when push comes to shove and I have some extra money, I am a tech-head at heart. I made three techie purchases within the last two weeks. 1) A new cell phone. Stop laughing! I'm really trying to be more careful this time! 2) An XM Radio. Which Steve hooked up for me and I LOVE! Thanks, Stevie! 3) A beautiful new laptop. That's right, baby- I am actually going to have a PORTABLE laptop again! Complete with wireless access, the best way (in my opinion, anyway) to surf the net. I can't even imagine the sheer happiness I will feel to be able to sit in the family room, watch my favorite shows and surf the net at the same time. Is there anything more magical than that?

Ok, on to the knitting. So now I'm starting to get a little nervous... I have 15 things that I need to knit for the holidays this year. Why, you ask? Because I have been trying to switch to decaf, and it's messing with my mind! (I was becoming kind of high strung and THOUGHT decaf would be the way to go. The good news is that I'm no longer hyper. The bad news- I am a very tired, very angry woman now.) So anyway, go ahead and ask me how many of my these gifties have been started. The answer to that would be negative one. I can't go into too many details about these gift items because they involove some people who read my blog but... the other night I was probably half way finished one of the items I'm making when (at 1:00 am) I started to get tired. REALLY tired. I kept telling myself, "One more row, just one more row." Now I hear those very words in my nightmares. I made a big mistake and after an hour of trying to fix it I gave up. I ripped the whole thing out, cursing and throwing things the entire time. I rewound the yarn into a ball, stabbed it repeatedly with a knitting needle and shoved it into the back of my closet. I am no longer looking at it, talking to it or being nice to it (as I'm sure you sensed while reading the stabbing part). Now if I was smart, I'd have started a different gift by now. But I'm not just mad at that yarn... I'm mad at all yarn. And knitting too! I realize that I am digging my own christmas gift grave by boycotting knitting right now, but I need my space. I am officially on a knitting strike.

7:07 PM

Your welcome on the laptop. BTW, the gifts will be fine. When you are tired, just go to bed. Love you!
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